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Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey


Do You want to Win Prizes Up to $5000 With Kroger Feedback Survey? Kroger is giving their customers a fascinating opportunity to win multiple gift cards, fuel points and up to a prize of $5000 by participating in its Krogers satisfaction survey at

By taking this survey available online, customers can submit their honest opinion about the store service quality. In return of this Kroger feedback survey, they are giving you a chance to win some good items by participating in the Kroger survey.

If you participate in, there are possibilities to win $5,000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos. $100 grocery gift cards or Kroger feedback/fuel points or 50 Kroger fuel points or some Kroger digital coupons.

Start Taking The KrogerFeedback Survey

If you already have the Krogers receipt with you, then you can start talking the Survey Right Now! It will only take you 3 - 4 Minutes to Complete Kroger feedback Survey Form.




People all around the world are greatly fond of this American retailing company and United States’ largest supermarket chain and the second-largest general retailer and the twenty-third largest company in the United States. Kroger strives harder to keep up with the competition while providing their customers with the best service. This is done so by using the Kroger feedback submitted by their customers online.

About Kroger

Kroger is the second-largest general retailer, the largest supermarket chain, and the twenty-third largest company in the United States. It was founded in 1883 at just $400. It is supervised by Mr. W. Rodney McMullen and his right-hand man Mr. Michael L. Ellis. The company also manufactures and processes some of the food it sells. The Kroger Co. development from a single supermarket to a few of the largest names in the business of supermarket retail is also an indication of the constant improvement and innovation from Kroger to embrace and grow into different retail configurations so as to incorporate and fulfill the shopper's ever-growing needs.

It aims to provide for each of the customer's requirements under one roof, hence having in-house departments such as grocery retail, manufacturing, and branded merchandise.

There are 2778 locations where Kroger stores can be found and in the present day, Kroger Company holds the second position among the world’s Supermarket Cartels.

It provides employment to over 400000 people. This company has around 1300 fuel centers and around 2000 pharmacy stores. For such a large business establishment to run smoothly it is to get a regular overview of their customers’ needs and expectations. As customers’ needs keep on fluctuating, it is necessary to have their opinions on a regular basis. So Kroger’s developed a Kroger feedback survey portal for its customers to get acquainted with their demands.

About KrogerFeedback

Kroger’s main aim is to fulfill all the needs of their customers and provide their customers with the best grocery experience.

With this aim in their mind, they have launched a Kroger feedback survey in to better understand their customer’s satisfaction. With this survey taken by the customers, Kroger gets a genuine review of their customer’s experience. These customer reviews help Kroger to enhance their service for an even better experience.

The survey is designed in such a way so that they can get on the point answers from their customers. It consists of both multiple choice questions and open-ended questions so that customers get to incorporate their messages properly. There is also a progress bar that shows the progress of the survey so that the customers don’t leave the survey halfway. They also benefit their customer by taking their survey. Customers can earn Kroger Fuel Points or Kroger Digital Coupons, grocery cards, point coupons and $100 worth Kroger Gift Cards which they can use to shop from Kroger’s. Additionally, some customers get to participate in Sweepstakes and earn a prize of $5000.

To provide their Kroger feedback in, the customers can go to the web survey portal and take the survey and get themselves enrolled for Sweepstakes. Apart from this, they will also be rewarded with gift coupons and fuel points. With this survey, the customers can not only earn cool rewards, but they also get to be able to tell the Kroger team whether their shopping experience was satisfactory or not.

The grand prize of the Kroger survey sweepstakes is $5000 worth of Kroger gift cards. There are also 100 smaller prizes consisting of $100 Kroger gift cards.

Rules for taking Kroger Feedback Survey

There are some rules and requirements to be kept in mind before taking the Kroger feedback survey.

  • You must have a receipt from any Kroger store having a branch code as well as Kroger feedback survey code.
  • A computer or mobile device is needed to take the survey.
  • Good internet connection is also a must, without which you will not be able to connect to the online Kroger survey website.
  • A clear understanding of English or Spanish is a must to completely understand the questions in the survey.
  • The survey code on the receipt expired in 7 days of making the purchase. You must use the code within 7 days of purchase.
  • One receipt or Kroger feedback survey code can only be used to take one survey and not more than that.
  • Only one entry is acceptable with the same code if any mistake occurs during the survey process.
  • You must be a legal resident of the of The United States & the District of Columbia in order to participate in the survey.
  • The age limit for Kroger Feedback Survey is 18 years or older.
  • Kroger Officers and Kroger employees cannot take part in the feedback survey.

The random drawings for the survey are as followed:

  • There would be only 1 winner of the grand prize of $5,000 gift card
  • There are going to be 100 winners for the $100 gift card

How to take Kroger feedback survey |

Kroger Feedback survey is very simple and easy to take. You can start and end it in just a few minutes and win $5,000 on grocery gift cards or 100 nos. $100 grocery gift cards or free fuel points or 50 Kroger fuel points or some Kroger digital coupons.

Through two ways you can enter up the survey and win your prize.

  1. Online (Purchase Receipt Required)
  2. Mail (Purchase Receipt Not Required)

How to Enter Online at Kroger Feedback Survey Website

Follow the steps as mentioned below to take the Kroger survey online:

  • Kroger feedback runs through their survey portal so to take the survey, first you need to access the Kroger Website from your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Open your browser and go to the official site of the Kroger Customer feedback survey at
  • Once you access the site they will prompt you to fill some information from your Kroger purchase receipt.
  • Enter the date of your visit, time and the entry ID gave the receipt.
  • .
  • After filling all these information. Tap on “Start” tab, displayed on the screen.
  • Now the system will let you proceed to the questions if the details you provided are correct.
  • Select the answers for all the questions you find most appropriate. Click on “Next” to move forward to the next segment after providing your feedback.
  • In the next segment, the customers will be provided with a section to enter their personal comments or review for their statements.
  • And finally, to end the survey, the customer will have to fill out his personal details form so that he can be enrolled for the Sweepstakes Lucky draw.
  • After the survey is completed the customers also get to earn Kroger feedback 50 fuel points.

Enter Survey by Mail to WIN gas points/Kroger prizes

To enter the survey through a mail, you just have to send your name, address, and telephone number to the address given below so that you can take part in the monthly sweepstakes and get a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Postal Address: PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

The Kroger Customer Satisfaction survey will end with the system thanking you on behalf of the Kroger team for your review. Now you can exit the page. The results of the Sweepstakes draw will be emailed to the winner in its due time. So if you are someone living in the United States, go visit a Kroger store and get a chance to win awesome prizes and coupons.

Types of Questions asked in Kroger Feedback Survey

For the customers who have already taken the survey, they have an idea what kind of questions Kroger Management asks. The questions are mainly on their visit to the Kroger stores and their shopping experience at Kroger’s.

The main purpose of the management at Kroger’s is to understand their customers’ needs and their complaints so that they can make shopping experience at Kroger’s even better. If you haven’t performed the Kroger survey before now, this list will help give an idea of the nature of the questions to be answered in the survey

  • The beginning questions will be mainly regarding your visit to the Kroger store, your purchasing details and about the pricing of products. They would like to know your opinion on the pricing of their products.
  • The following questions will be designed to understand if their stores are in proper maintenance or not, like the cleanliness of the stores, help you get in the counter, store aesthetics etc.
  • To end it there will be some questions asking you to rate their services according to your satisfaction.

You can answer all the questions as per your experience. It will take a few minutes of your valuable time to take the survey. Choose the answers that seem appropriate to you. You can also make any personal comments about any service you like in the respective section.

The Kroger survey is very thorough in their questioning and derives opinions of customers regarding every department. They have also incorporated a separate feedback for some section like foods department where additional space may be required by users to properly convey their message.

Kroger Feedback Survey Details:

Survey Reward $100 gift card, $5000 grand prize and Kroger 50 fuel points

Location Legal citizens of 50 United States and District of Columbia

Requirement Receipt from Krogers with a survey code

Receipt Validity 7 days

Entry Limit One Entry per Receipt

Age Limit 18 or Above

Survey Website

Things Not To Be Missed:

You must check out Kroger ads and Kroger weekly ads to buy products at reduced prices and avail different offers and Kroger discounts. You could also use Kroger store locator to find out any Kroger bakery, Kroger pharmacy or any Kroger store just searching on Kroger near me.

Kroger Clicklist:

Krogerclicklist is a new online grocery ordering service from where you can buy a selection of 40,000 groceries online. The number of stores that Kroger provides include not only supermarkets and multi-department shops but also marketplace shops, price-impact shops, convenience shops, and fine jewelry outlets. To at all times be accessible to their clients, Kroger also maintains a state-of-the-art site that enables clients to shop online as also provides customers with easy-to-make recipes to use.

Kroger Feedback Winners

The winners of the Kroger feedback survey will be notified by email, postal mail, or by telephone. The prize will be given to a winner If the winner does not respond to the notifications. You can also redeem your award by your Kroger credit card.

Contact Kroger

You can use the information given below to contact the company for any queries, complaints or further feedback.

Kroger Customer Service number:

1 (800) 576-4377

Kroger hours of operations:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to midnight
Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Kroger Email:

Headquarters address:

1014 Vine Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Reference Links

  • Kroger official Website:
  • Kroger survey Website:
  • Official Kroger Survey sweepstakes Rules 2018: View Rules 

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